06. - 12. June 2021

with Anne & Soraya 

A week of relaxation with daily yogaflow and thaimassage sessions in exclusive luxury villa with swimming pool in a natural reserve park directly at the sea.

Delicious mediterranean vegetarian cuisine by our own Sardinian chef.

Two sessions are waiting for you every day:
Sunrise Yoga with sea view, refreshing breathing exercises and enjoyable flows, rounded off by many different meditation techniques.
During the afternoon Workshops you will learn about the art of touch, give and receive a small Thai Massage every day. In this way we gift even deeper relaxation to our body.
Thai Massage is called Passive Yoga and supports the soothing effects of yoga, in which physical and energetical blockages can easily dissolve.
In the evening programme enjoy regenerating Yoga Nidra, gentle Thai massage and meditation.

This week is an invitation to you .... to take time to tune in to your own impulses, to feel your body and to create space to these feelings ....

Refueling through the natural elements ... and together discover the island of Sardinia ....

Let yourself be regenerated daily by Yoga, Thai Massage, Pranayama and Meditation and enjoy the sun, beach and great healthy meals on every day of your holiday right at the sea. The spiritual atmosphere of Italia's dream island makes it easier to let go of old blockades and lead you lovingly into the light. Our luxurious villa offers space for a small exclusive group, individual processes and healing awakening. Let yourself be pampered by our own Sardinian chef with fresh Mediterranean vegetarian recipes.

Sorayas yoga sequences release your body into the ease of movement through consciousness in the interplay of movement, breathing and posture.

In the different yoga flows, we will focus on a different theme every day (a chakra, a mudra or a special theme) and experience a wonderful journey through the body and its more delicate subtle sheaths.

Thai Yoga Massage touches your whole being empathetically and hands on work allows you to bring consciousness into fascia and deeper tissues, to improve your yoga practice. Gradually new inner spaces can be discovered and re-experienced, from which lightness and joy arise. Anne leads you through simple Thaimassage sequences. This way you can give and receive a healing massage each day, which we will combine thematically with Somo's yogaclasses.

Additional Thai- and Shiatsumassage can be booked individually outside the seminar.


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