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23.-30. Okt 2021
With ralf and Danielle

Remembering who you are…


This yoga retreat in serene Sardinia will lead you through a week-long journey back to our true essence.  Leave your hectic everyday life far behind, immerse yourself in nature, let go, take deep breaths, move freely, relax, and find ease in the moment.  Through yoga practices of meditation, breathwork, and movement, we become more attuned to the nature of our bodies, our thoughts, our emotions--- our complete Selves.  


After a morning yoga session with Vinyasa Flow + Pranayama and a wholesome, healthy brunch, you can simply take time for yourself.  Come to rest and enjoy the idyllic villa, including the pool and gorgeous view of the sea, or take your time at the nearby beach.  There is plenty to explore in the area… find your sense of adventure, find your sense of peace.   You can also treat yourself to a relaxing massage and/or energy work (Thai Yoga Massage/Energetic Massage/Reiki).


In the early evening, we find ourselves again on the mat for a relaxed yoga session with a gentle asana practice, of either Yin or Restorative yoga, and a meditation...  Letting go, both physically and mentally.  We end the day together, with delicious vegetarian/vegan Mediterranean cuisine and relaxed atmosphere.  All of these options are available to you as you see fit.  :) 


Whether you are new to these practices or an experienced Self journeyer, we invite you to join us for 7 days in this beautiful island setting to connect deeper with yourself and your practice.


We look forward to exploring this path with you as we make our way home back to Self.


Facilitated by Ralf Zimmermann of Cologne (E-RYT, Thai Yoga Massage Therapist) 

and Danielle DeGrandis of USA/Bonn (E-RYT, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master).

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